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Gotu kola (Centella asiatica)
Gotu kola (Centella asiatica)
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Gotu Kola is a small plant with little purple flowers and flat purple red fruits. It grows in Asia. This plant is also called 'Hydrocotyle'.

In Chinese, fo ti tien means 'elixer for a long life'. It works as a relaxant increasing vitality and potency.


Gotu Kola is a tonic, which means that you feel the effect only with intense and regular use.

Gotu Kola works stimulating and rejuvenating, increasing mental resistance and virility. It purges the body of poisons. With regular use it is generally refreshing and good for the nerves, while enhancing resistance and digestion.


You can make tea with fo ti tien, that can be used as a tonic. Take half a tablespoon of powder dissolved in water.

Make a strong extract for a strong and erotic effect. Put 30 grams (aprox 1 oz.) of herb in half a liter of boiling water. Let it boil for at least 2 hours on a low fire, keeping the pan covered. Sift it and drink a little cup to begin with.
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