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Noble Vapor VP600
Noble Vapor VP600
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The Noble Vapor VP600 heats up rapidly and has a built-in fan to facilitate airflow into the vaporizer. This makes inhaling smoother and the fan also helps to control temperature by circulating new air into the vaporizer.

The digital display shows the temperature both in Celsius and Fahrenheit as well as current and set temperature. Temperature control on this vaporizer is flawless and it can go up to 298 degrees Celsius. The frame of this vaporizer is made from pure metal, giving it extra protection and endurance.
  • digital temperature adjustment controls
  • 40W ceramic heating element
  • includes a cooling fan to help control and stabilize temperatures
  • maximum temperature of 298 degrees Celsius
  • glass whip (filling chamber) included
  • 5 replacement screens
  • blue, green and red LED lights when vaporizer is turned on
137.50 €
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