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ruderalis indica
Ruderalis Indica captures the unique flowering properties of the Cannabis Ruderalis land-race, which grows wild across Eastern Europe. Through ......
24.01 €
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V Syndicate Grinder Card - Dragon
V Syndicate Grinder Card - DragonThe V Syndicate grinder card is a totally flat, credit-card-size grinder that fits in your wallet! Finger safe and ve...
8.00 €
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Glass Slide 18.8
Heavy inside out silver fume glass on glass 18.8 mm slide....
28.81 €
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Large Funnel Bowl 18.8
This funnel shaped bowl is compatible with Magic Glass bongs that have 18.8 connection. ...
13.24 €
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New Purple Power
New Purple Power has a unique sweet-sour flavour and is moderate in strength. The buzz is energetic.In the late 80's the famous import purple strains ...
20.00 €
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Crystal is a White Widow re-back-crossed with Northern Lights. Crystal´s buds are big and sticky with an almost kerosene like aroma and a quick hitting high. A F1 hybrid, Cr...

10 Seeds
37.00 €
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