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Blaze Glass 11-Arm Reinforced Tree Perc Precooler | Blue | 14.5 mm
A massive Pre-cooler from 'Blaze Glass' with 11 cobalt blue percolator arms with open ends and the silver polished 'Blaze Glass' logo on the outside ...
52.01 €
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Northern Pride (5 female seeds)
Northern Pride is a hybrid of Northern Light and Haze. Northern bright produces relatively small leaves and long stretchy buds. The smoke is heavy and...
30.00 €
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'Blaze Glass' Clear Glass Bong - Beaker Base - 5mm
The beaker base 'Blaze Glass' Ice bong is made of 5mm thick clear glass tubing and made with bistable sure grinding joints. This Ice bong comes with b...
78.03 €
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Effects:Besides sensual stimulating herbs such as tribulus terrestris and maca, Estatic also contains herbs that give you physical stamina like ginsen...
16.62 €
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Colored and Fumed Spoon
Handpipe with fume and color swirl. ...
20.81 €
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Mexican Haze Feminized
Mexican Haze Feminized
Already famous in our collection.
With a blend of Jack Herer and Haze this plant has a fruity and fresh taste.
The Mexican Haze Femminized belongs to the ...

5 Seeds
32.50 €
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