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Magic Glass - Black Glass Party Ashtray
Magic Glass - Black Glass Party AshtrayThere's nothing like holding and ashing into a hefty glass ashtray when you're smoking for feeling sophisticate...
15.21 €
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white ice
A three-way hybrid of Northern Lights, Dutch Skunk and an original Afghani hash plant cultivar, White Ice is a super-thick, fast-flowering, ... ...
32.00 €
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Fumed Taster
Fumed taster with multiple triple cane marbles. ...
28.61 €
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Coffin Shaped Metal Cigarette Case
Coffin Shaped Metal Cigarette CaseThis coffin-shaped metal case is meant to hold cigarettes but it's such a cool little box that you'll probably think...
6.31 €
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Wild Dagga (Leonotis Leonurus) - Flowers Only - 5 Grams
Wild Dagga (Leonotis Leonurus) - Flowers Only - 5 GramsLeonotis leonurus is also known as wild dagga ('wild cannabis') and lion's tail. Wild dagga flo...
9.88 €
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NYC Diesel Feminized
NYC Diesel Feminized
The feminized NYC Diesel has its roots in the Big Apple, New York City. A friend brought the seeds and said that it was the best pot he ever smoked, he had dreads down to the grou...

10 Seeds
50.00 €
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