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The Monkey Pipe - A.K.A. The Twister Pipe
The Monkey Pipe - A.K.A. The Twister PipeOriginally invented by Erik Sigrist in the mid-1990's, the Monkey Pipe design became an instant classic becau...
10.80 €
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Metal grinder crusher
Tough and sturdy metal grinder has very sharp pyramid style teeth. Ideal to crush nearly everything. Small enough to fit in your pocket; big enough to...
9.25 €
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EHLE. Glass - Steamroller Pipe - Extra Large - Red logo w/black outline
EHLE Clear Glass Extra Large Steamroller Pipe For smokers who like the idea of a premium-grade glass bong but want the portability a handpipe and a ni...
28.00 €
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BioHazard Coloured - 5mm Double Tree - 3 arm Percolator Bong
It is widely agreed that tree percolators are the most effective way of adding extra water filtration without sacrificing an easy pull. However, most ...
158.21 €
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Weed Star Scorpion Bowl – Colorchanging - 14.5
This Weed star glass bowl has a very cool scorpion on its side, with a good size space within to pack your favorite herbs....
15.99 €
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White Widow Feminized
White Widow Feminized
In the mid 1990´s a legend was born.
White Widow Feminized almost instantly appeared on about every coffeeshop menu in Holland.
This masterpiece has set the standard for the...

10 Semi
89.99 €
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