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Magic Glass - Black Glass Party Ashtray
Magic Glass - Black Glass Party AshtrayThere's nothing like holding and ashing into a hefty glass ashtray when you're smoking for feeling sophisticate...
15.21 €
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white ice
A three-way hybrid of Northern Lights, Dutch Skunk and an original Afghani hash plant cultivar, White Ice is a super-thick, fast-flowering, ... ...
32.00 €
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Fumed Taster
Fumed taster with multiple triple cane marbles. ...
28.61 €
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Coffin Shaped Metal Cigarette Case
Coffin Shaped Metal Cigarette CaseThis coffin-shaped metal case is meant to hold cigarettes but it's such a cool little box that you'll probably think...
6.31 €
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Wild Dagga (Leonotis Leonurus) - Flowers Only - 5 Grams
Wild Dagga (Leonotis Leonurus) - Flowers Only - 5 GramsLeonotis leonurus is also known as wild dagga ('wild cannabis') and lion's tail. Wild dagga flo...
9.88 €
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Top 44 Feminized
Top 44 Feminized
Top 44 Feminized is one of our top commercial strains.
Top 44 is our fastest flowering variety which under ideal conditions can be ready in ~6 weeks.
This strain stays low and doe...

5 Semi
24.99 €
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