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Metal Pure Pipe
Comes in various colors!...
5.99 €
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Lizard critter pipe
Fumed and color wrap handpipe with lizard critter....
24.01 €
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Salt Dry Handpipe
Salt Series Dry HandpipeThis frightening sea creature may have a smooth, ridged body but be careful — its back is lined with three sharp, black spik...
315.12 €
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Salt Dry Handpipe
Salt Series Dry Handpipe"I was trying to understand these adaptations and specialized evolutionary qualities. Like why does a creature need eyes on it...
301.11 €
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Jerome Baker 18.8mm Straight Glass Icebong
Jerome Baker 18.8mm Straight Glass IcebongJerome Baker, a big name in handmade American glass bongs, is back with a new scientific straight glass iceb...
120.05 €
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Northern Lights Feminized
Northern Lights Feminized
Northern Lights is highly adapted to indoor growing.
Nearly all promising modern indoor strains contain NL genes.
High flower to leaf ratio, compact buds...

10 Semi
55.00 €
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