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Weed Star - Ghetto Bitch
Beaker based and with a solid ‘tank’ joint, this absolute beauty from the WS Series from Weed Star Bongs features incredible bubbles decorating th...
47.22 €
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Fillacello Spoon - by "Israel"
Each Pipe by Israel is a unique piece of art, these glass spoon pipes have a fillacello design on the bowl part and a hurricane/twirl design on the b...
79.63 €
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EHLE. Glass - Straight Cylinder Bong 2000ml - 29.2mm - Ice Notches - Red logo
EHLE Glass Straight Cylinder Bong 1000ml with Ice Notches - Red logoExperience the superior quality of EHLE's thick high-grade glass and pinpoint prec...
151.26 €
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Fuma Corona aka Slim Classic - Ceramic Cigar Hand Pipe
Inspired by hand-rolled cigars, from Fuma Originals!Made in the USA, ships from the USAHandcrafted, high-fired porcelain ceramicFuma Originals cigar b...
17.61 €
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Extra large glass shabong
Extra large glass shabong - steamrollerThis extra large, clear glass shabong pipe with hemp leaf images on its stem works the same as a steamroller pi...
12.00 €
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PAPAYA is een snel groeiende, ziekte bestendige en meestal vroeg bloeiende plant.
PAPAYA is een heftige indica, laag blijvend en bossig, erg gechikt voor de commercieele kweek.

10 Cannabiszaden
40.00 €
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