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Acryl bong double
Double acrylic colored bongThe metal downtube and bowl, mouthpiece ring, rubber grommet and base are standardised bong partA simple but highly effecti...
19.98 €
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Salt Dry Handpipe
Salt Series Dry HandpipeLooking at this perturbing pipe may make you a little uncomfortable, but its chunky shape and indent on the left side of the b...
280.11 €
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Mr. Orange
Bob Marley is THE icon for everything reggae, Rasta, and of course smoking "herb" man! Now he lives again on our bongs as well as in our hearts. 14.5...
37.56 €
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Sherlock Pipe - Inside Out
Basic inside out design using canes and fuming. Also has a flattened mouth piece....
63.22 €
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Hops Glass - Inline Perc Color Bubbler with Clear and Color Marbles
Hops Glass - Inline Perc Color Bubbler with Clear and Color MarblesThis inline perc bubbler from Hops features luscious, clear borosilicate glass with...
479.38 €
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Big Bud
Big Bud
BIG BUD is èèn van de oudste commercieële soorten.
Onze big bud is speciaal ontwikkeld voor een maximale opbrengst zonder verlies aan kwaliteit.
De bloemen kunn...

10 Cannabiszaden
39.50 €
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